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Real Diski Pros Academy Logo

Real Diski Pros Academy

DiskiĀ  Pros is a football and life skills development organization that uses the power of football to empower, transform, and mobilize adolescent girls and young women in disadvantaged communities to overcome Gender discrimination, live healthier, more productive lives, and be agents for positive social change in their communities.

Our vision: To be the catalyst for positive social change, gender equality and eradicate poverty in our community and create employment through football.

Growth of the programme.

We have had great support from schools in the community we serving with regards to the development of girls football, as our programme has been incorporated as an extra-, curricular activity. This has resulted in the number increase of young girls playing football.

We also see a lot of young boys starting to respect girls and their abilities, which one of our objectives.

We also host festivals over weekends, incorporating social skills development, which is very important especially for adolescent girls, as this addresses the many social ills which plague our community today. We have partnered with two primary schools and two high schools, with the aim of getting more girls involved in football. We train about 200 girls every day after school with our worn-out soccer balls and limited resources, which resulting in the poor quality of the activities.

We humbly request donations to buy proper training equipment like soccer balls, training gear, soccer boots, two laptops, projector, printer, video camera, and other equipment we can use to help our beneficiaries to improve their academic performance.