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Many of you know the journey that Div went through this year, but for those who are not aware of Div’s story, let me get you updated.

Div van der Merwe is a missionary and he is doing great work in South Africa and around the world. If he is not busy praying and helping people understand the love of God then he is supporting Farmers in the Northen Cape.

Unfortunately, he had a tremendous loss in March 2023 where both his feet were amputated. Along with the amputation he struggled with a few other medical problems as well but he managed to overcome so much in the last few months. With all the trauma and loss, his capability to travel has unfortunately also been effected.

It’s here where we ask for your help and support in raising some funds for his prosthesis for both his legs. We’ve struggled to get answers from the Medical aid and they’ve informed us that they will pay only a percentage of the prosthesis which leaves us with an outstanding amount of R62 000,00 that we now have to pay. If you can please help us to raise the money it will be greatly appreciated.

Through Macedonia Project, NPO Law no 2019/571306/08, we would like to help cover medical expenses. Any donation would be greatly appreciated.

Contributions can be paid into the Macedonia Project’s Relief Fund account and will be paid out as accounts and motivations are presented.

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