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DROP [Dementia Reach Out Project] is a non-profit organisation seeking benefactors to help us develop a unique lifestyle centre to benefit the massive needs of so many people living with dementia and alzheimers, their families, friends, caregivers and wider community.

To be created by a husband and wife team who have been personally affected by dementia and alzheimers and professionally trained in a specialised dementia management method (see bio below), the first DROP will be based in the Ballito area, north of Durban, South Africa and will include a Drop In Café ~ Drop By Therapy Centre ~ Drop Off Day Care Hub.

  •  The Drop In Café will offer a stylish, calm and welcoming “dementia aware” space serving delightful treats and easy meals with high importance on nutrition and quality. A great place to pop in with a companion for a chat and well-deserved refreshment or snack.
  • The Drop By Therapy Centre will uniquely provide a range of coaching and support services for everyone (spouses, families, friends and caregivers) to cope much much better; as well as offer traditional salon type services (gentle massages, pedicures, manicures hair styling etc) in a dementia friendly and age relevant environment.
  • The Drop Off Day Care Hub is where your person living with dementia can be dropped off for a few hours, half a day or even the whole day in a loving, safe and caring environment while you go off and get some much-needed respite, visit friends, catch up on chores and / or hobbies, or even go back to work.

DROP Goal Initiatives [To Name Just A Few].   Extensive community-based objectives | Inclusion of Drop Crew members with disabilities | Workshops to help destigmatise the conversation around dementia and alzheimers | Community volunteering projects | Social awareness programs to educate wider community on dementia and alzheimers | Empowerment of Drop Crew members through highest standards of dementia care training | Focusing on specialist dementia informed awareness and therapy-enriched care activities.

Drops of Gratitude sprinkled 3 Ways.   Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean. “Ryunosuke Satoro”. 

The DROP Team pledges the following to everyone who drops us a donation:

  1. DROP Benefactors Registry. Receive a special Benefactors Certificate and be included in Benefactors Registry to receive regular progress updates by email, blogs and other online media. Inclusion is optional but highly recommended (please email with full name, plus an optional picture, contact and address details along with proof of donation to do so). 
  2. Paying DROPS Forward. Once successfully up and running with lessons learned and kinks ironed out, the DROPrecipe of success will be available to all interested parties (anywhere in the world) who want to create their own DROPS in their communities to benefit the many families living with dementia and alzheimers.
  3. It’s Raining DROPS.25% of any value raised above our DROP crowdfunding target of R2’500’000 will be reinvested into the local community via selected good causes. Proof will be secured from the benefactors and published via various digital platforms.  

Founders BIO. Sharyn McCarthy (whose mother, Merle, was diagnosed with Dementia in 2014 and her father, Derrick, with Alzheimers now in 2018) and her partner Ross (whose father passed from Alzheimers in 2008), are highly passionate about educated and informed dementia and alzheimers care.

  • Their personal “dementia journey” has provided first-hand experience of how the well-being of families is dramatically challenged emotionally, financially and socially.   
  • They have become professionally trained in an incredible dementia management method developed by Penelope Garner of the Contented Dementia Trust ( in the UK.
  • Made more than 10 trips to South Africa (from the UK) between 2014 – 2016 after Sharyn’s mum’s dementia diagnosis and relocated permanently in August 2017 to be with their parents in their greatest time of need. 
  • Established a dementia management start-up organisation called Contented Care in early 2018 to provide specialised dementia management, training and advisory services.

Contact. We are contactable by email at or telephone on +27 (0)87 3549027. 

Disclosure.  Drop In Drop By Drop Off [DROP] is an independently registered non-profit organisation (NPC registration number 2018/326226/08).  DROP has an association with Contented Care, a small start-up organisation with big goals, offering specialised dementia management, training and advisory services.  Contented Care will not benefit financially from its association with DROP.  An example of this being that all DROP Crew Members will be trained at no cost by Contented Care.


Donations to date

R 12 080.21

Fundraising target

R 2 500 000.00

Funds raised offline

R 10 000.00

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Michelle Hamilton
You are both so inspirational and I wish you every success with this amazing initiative.

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