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Keeping Dylan at Camphill Village

3 years ago Dylan moved into Camphill, his home away from home a place where he could have independence and routine. He has blossomed whilst living there. We're crowdfunding to keep him in Camphill - we just found out that fees have not been paid by the person responsible, leaving the account R41000 in arrears.

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Donor Messages

Athol & Mary
Best wishes
Peter G
To clear 44 000 :)
If I could I'd give all my money for Dyl to stay at Camphiiilll Villaaaage, Vilaaaaaaaage (uh huh, yeah). But I hope this small donation helps towards making a big difference in his life xx
Lots of love xx
Darcia Perry
Love ya guys!
Lots of love xo
Sending love xxx
The Foxes
All the best.

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