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In keeping with the Univeristy of the Western Cape need to make academic life better for all students and to flourish in the midst of all the educational challenges in South Africa, Each One Feed One Organization, we recognize that many students come from a lower income bracket and are confroted with several socio-economic stresses and one that we endevour to face is the 'hidden hunger' that students experience on campus.

This 'hidden hunger' that has led students to go on what is know as a 'water diet'. This water diet includes students who drink water to substitute for food because they cannot afford a proper meal at the time. Student hunger is an issue that has affected many and Each One Feed One UWC, as a UWC student's initiative, we want to complement the effort by the institution to help elevate the food vulnerbalities among studnets on campus.

In a vibrant intellectual space where students engross with the issues facing our day-to-day lives and the society at large and how we can collectively solve them, the onus, therefore, lies on the universoty community to approach these challenges holistically.

UWC is a place wher students desire to become future leaders through various programmes and academic exposure aimed at develping the individual and their communities. The pursuit academic acumen goes hand in hand with imporved socio-economic prowess. Besides, how can one pursue the highest intellectual excelence in a state of hunger. Each One Feed One seeks to develop a holistic approach in the university quest of solving the food chalenges among students. 

The aim of the initiative is to make life more comfortable and motivating for UWC students who cannot afford a decent meal and also reduce if not eliminate the tendency of a stduent dropping out of school due to hnger. The mission is to efficiently raise financial or material support accross the UWC community and beyond to support students on campus.

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