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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

The “Support a Girl Child” programme was started in order to work hand in hand with schools of the Kliptown community to ensure that the youth of today remain in school, achieve good grades and complete their secondary education in order to provide them a promising future.

Kliptown is an informal settlement in Soweto, South Africa, with no proper infrastructure, sanitation, schools, hospitals or even a clinic. A high percentage of girls dropped out of school earlier this year in Kliptown because of not being able to afford a full set of cosmetics and sanitary towels required during puberty.

The purpose of the “Support a Girl Child” programme aims to ensure that each underprivileged girl receives the necessary cosmetics and sanitary towels enabling these young girls to complete their education. We are aiming to help 150 young girls from an underprivileged background with sanitary towels and a full set of cosmetics with the hope of giving them motivation to take care of themselves, regain their confidence and complete their schooling education.

Our objectives for this project:· To help keep these young girls at school as this will help us decrease the percentage of teenage pregnancy and school drop outs.· To inspire the world that things like sanitary towel must be given to these kids for free,because menstruation is not a choice and should not be at the expense of an education and brighter future.


Donations to date

R 3 263.99

Fundraising target

R 106 800.00

Donor Messages

Sharon Simpson
What an inspiring organisation assisting young girls with education. Very proud of you all
Liz Schrayer and Jeff Schwaber
Thanks for all you!
Keep up the great work! God bless
Happy to contribute to a cause not only empowering women, but empowering the youth of today to have a future tomorrow.