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The Early Care Foundation Trust

Who We Are

The Early Care Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation established in 1990, is a provider of Early Childhood Development support programmes for home-based crèches in disadvantaged communities.

What We Do

The Early Care Foundation develops and facilitates early childhood development training programmes for under-skilled practitioners and owners of home-based crèches. The Early Care Foundation training equips beneficiaries with the necessary skills to provide a stimulating educational environment and meet the nutritional needs of the children in their care. The Early Care Foundation assists crèches to develop their facilities in order to comply with standards prescribed by the Department of Social Development to help them register their ECD centres and access social development subsidies.

Why We Do It

Statistics indicate that approximately 4,5 million South African children between the ages of 0 – 4 years have no access to quality early childhood care and education facilities. Children exposed to the risk factors associated with poverty and face a greater risk of impaired brain development. Research proves that quality day-care improves the physical and intellectual development of poor children.

Donor Messages

Please carry on doing the amazing work you do in your community
Karen van Damme
For sechaba
I donate this with love
As a teacher I would like to help another teacher in need.
Tamzin Nel
Supporting Sechaba!
John Thornhill
A great worthwhile project
Great initiative!
Thank You!
Amazing initiative. Every good wish going forward

Activity feed

Megan donated R 300 via The Sechaba Support Project
30 Aug 2020 R 300
Karen van Damme donated R 1 000 via The Sechaba Support Project
30 Aug 2020 R 1 000
Nicola donated USD $ 116 via The Sechaba Support Project
23 Aug 2020 USD $ 116
Anonymous donated R 68 via The Sechaba Support Project
08 Aug 2020 R 68
Tamzin Nel donated R 1 000 via The Sechaba Support Project
28 Jul 2020 R 1 000