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Edson Kumwamba Trail Dawg Cause


Muizenberg Trail Dawgs have decided to set up a fund raiser page and kickstart donations which will assist Edson in running and competing in races.  We hope to encourage other runners and clubs to contribute to this worthwhile cause.

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To contribute, please select the project below and then the donate button next to the barometer...

Donor Messages

Red Sky Projects
Go smash those trails Edson!
Keep on track
go for it.
Keep inspiring us
Thank you for the inspirational person you are Edson!
Run brother run.
Keep up the great work Edson
Craig Bruton
See you on our Tuesday crew run!
Good luck with your racing endeavours, Edson!

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08 Dec 2018 R 200
07 Dec 2018 R 206
07 Dec 2018 R 206
07 Dec 2018 R 206
07 Dec 2018 R 103