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My name is Eduan(26) and Im from  South Africa with dreams of studying astrophysics but due to unbearable circumstances in South Africa I had to give it up. I started my own takeaway business just to find there is no plausable market for what I want to accomplish where I live. I recently stumbled upon an opportunity to work abroad and thus need funding for it. This is my new beginning and my dream. Unlike alot of people my age I am willing to work and put in the effort to earn my money. All I need is a small headstart.I plan to pay my plane ticket and visa with the funds and I also intend to invest my money I make into my future and upon it all I would like to help the community because things are truly bad here. I give easier than I receive and if it wasnt of utmost importance I wouldnt be looking for funding. After 8 years of not being able to find a job I think its time to give it my all. I can not carry on begging someone to help me finance this project when they dont have my best interest at heart.Ive been praying for over a year and finally God answered my prayers with an opportunity. Please assist me to start my journey and may God bless any person beyond their understanding thats willing to give a helping hand. 

I would be happy if you could use the [Help by sharing] button to get the word out. 


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R 28 000.00

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