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Help Danielle battle Breast cancer Campaign

One of our closest childhood friend is about to begin a long, uphill battle with an unexpected medical diagnosis, which will require several surgeries and many months of treatment and recovery. Just weeks after tragically and unexpectedly losing her husband, Austin, Danielle was given news that she had early stage breast cancer. Upon further testing, it was determined that she was positive for the BRCA gene mutation and that shew would need a double mastectomy, reconstruction and a total hysterectomy

Danielle was laid off work about a year ago after working with the same company for over 20 years, and was looking to start a new career path, when two months ago she was given the difficult news. 

Danielle is a very strong and independent single mother of two girls, Addle (8) and Charlotte (12),and will need all of the help we can give as she works on getting herself better and continuing to provide for her two kids. Facing the costs of medical bills and costs related to keeping her houses running, we are asking for any donation in order to reach our goal of R 100 000. This money will be used to alleviate some of the stress and worry of the financial aspect of her journey such as the house rent, children fees and medical supplies just to name a few, so that she can focus on her health and recovery. 


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R 100 000.00

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