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El Shaddai Christian Academy

El Shaddai Christian Academy in the heart of the Sunshine Coast of South Africa, is a small christian school catering for learners from all walks of life. Our teachers are dedicated and committed to bringing the best individual attention to each learner.

Our school has been in operation since 2005. 2017 saw our first matric class of 3 pupils all achieve a pass. Our region has a shortage of education facilities forcing many parents to either send their children to us at a rate only slightly higher than a public school or home schooling their children. Already the school sponsors children from Child Welfare and reduced rates for staff children.

The school receives no external funding from government or other sources. We just manage to cover operating cost. We have bought a property next door to the land we are leasing and require to develop this property and sports fields. We would like to be able to share our sporting facilities with other school in the community which do not have the space for such facilities.