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Elangeni NPO

Elangeni Npo is a youth development project with the aim of working firstly with youths from Langa Township that are affected by gangsterism, substance abuse, teenage pregnancy, crime and other social ills that affect young people in South Africa. We seek to join the greater drive towards reducing the number of youths that become directly involved with these misconducts by helping them form a different world view.


  • To promote positive lifestyles among youth, through sport activities, art, and teaching of moral principles
  • To help raise awareness around the dangers of a negative lifestyle.
  • To help reduce the number of world class criminals that = South Africa is currently producing which promotes a negative perception of the country, which then drives investors away. 
  • To promote peace building between rival gangs in Townships.
  • To promote a culture of reading and writting among youth.
  • To empower the youth by teaching them basic skils, e.g computer literacy, pottery, crafts, etc. 
  • To empower ex-offenders by allowing them to take part in the skills programe


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