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My parents went to visit my Gran in the Freestate and got the horrible call on Sunday morning at 2 am from our farmworkers telling us that there is a fire at our house. My parents alerted friends of theirs to please go and see what is going on! When they got there, they phoned and said sorry oom Daan en tannie Retha but everything is burned down to the ground!

My parents and my sister literally lost everything, they only had their little weekend bag left!  What happened was, they broke into our house, broke into the safe and stole firearms, then they lit the house on fire, so it was arson.

My parents live in faith and such a good example for us of what it is to be able to live each step of the way knowing that there is a higher hand that will provide.  Just put yourself in their shoes for one moment, you had the world at your feet, the next you lost all your memories in one night of ruins.

Not having your favorite garment left or to relax on your sofa your first love letters to each other will never be read by your grandchildren, it's gone.

Please open your hearts and your hands to be able to help these wonderful people build-up what was taken away in one evening. Help them with a brand new start of new memories. To contribute please select the project below and then select the donate option.

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