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Miley our Border collie Campaign

Miley muis, like we love to call her, is our 11 year old border collie with a heart of gold.

She is for sure so loved and has a way so that you just fall in love with her. She had been the best companion for our family and friends. 
Miley is currently in Panorama Animal Hospital, and it breaks my heart just to think she is there. It literally happened in a blink of an eye.  The hospital is amazing and currently doing everything they can do.
Miley has lost so much blood because of her immune system (very rare) and we had no clue until she just did not want to get up for her walks and snacks on Thursday. 
The past 3 days, she has had 2 blood infusions, and she is on very strong aggressive cortisone treatment, so our little poppie is in ICU. 
My heart, my family's hearts are shattered.  I am praying and praying non stop, we can not lose her now. She has been a joy to us even more since her brothers Cooper the lab had a stroke and Seth the collie was diagnosed with cancer. We lost them, and Miley took over everything that she knew we needed from her. She is so loved. 
We are trying our best to give her more and more treatment and to cover the hospital cost, but my heart is big, our family do alot for charity aswell and we need help this time for Miley. She is a fighter, and I BELIEVE. All cost will go straight to the hospital.
Thank you for reading this. Thank you for all the love you have for animals. Thank you for all the Docters and Specialists who do their best for our fur kids. Miley is my baby, my girl. She has changed my life and has stepped in for being my "child" as life has turned out.
May you be blessed.

Donor Messages

Sterkte mater xx
Die Serfontein Chihuahuas
Ons Bid vir jou Miley!
Ilana (Cloë)
Word gou gesond Miley Baba... Ek stuur baie Liefde 🐾♥️🐾
Dink aan jou vriendin x

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Die Serfontein Chihuahuas donated R 200 via Miley our Border collie
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