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Brain Cancer changed it all Campaign

Everything was going well as in any normal family. Then came 2019. 

My wife was diagnosed with stage 2 brain cancer. It rocked the whole family as she is only 40 years old. The only way to remove the tumor was to do an operation. This would be complicated because she is a diabetic. 

I had to upgrade the medical aid to get the procedure done. Doing this caused our house insurance of 13 years not to get paid for that month. Yes and as it would, that month we had a burgluary at home and the insurance just said sorry you were not covered. We lost about R100000 stuff. 

From there things started spiralling out of control. She lost her employment due to being off sick a lot. So all of a sudden all debt was falling on me. 

We had insurance on the house bond should something like this happen. However the bank still wanted to reposes the house. I fought and eventualky prevailed 2 weeks before the house was to be reposessed in August 2022. The bond insurance accepted responsibility and took over the bond repayment. 

With all that we were forced to go under debt review to just try and not loose everything. 

Since then my wife fell ill again and had infection in her left foot to the extent that we had to have her left leg amputated under the knee. I am really glad that the medical aid covered most of the expenses up to the point where we could get a prosthesis. Yet still she is not medically fit to work and I am trying to carry the whole family with my salary that is not even close to enough to survive. 

She has a dream to go on a boat cruise to Mauritius to renew our wedding vouws. We will be married for 25 years on 7 November 2023. I just wish I could give that to her, but my main cocern is to first get us out of this predicament we are currently in. Then we can look at that dream cruise. 

Thank you for reading my story. Just on the brighter side. The operation was a success and she is still in remission. 



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