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Two oceans 2024 Campaign

I've decided that in 2024, I'd like to run a few half marathons. To get me started for a first entry I'm asking family and friends to help me with a donation towards my registration fees. Anything extra would just be a bonus and will be going towards the next race. Or perhaps towards a good quality running shoe.
I'd like to prove to myself that being 30 isn't to old to try something new. And that when you set a goal for yourself you are able to achieve it. 
Never give up before you've tried.
What is your goal for 2024?


Fundraising target

R 2 000.00

Donations to date

R 1 145.98

Donor Messages

Wel verdiend!!!!😗

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Anonymous donated R 200 via Two oceans 2024
10 Nov 2023 R 200
Andre donated US $ 29 via Two oceans 2024
09 Nov 2023 US $ 29
Tronel donated US $ 29 via Two oceans 2024
09 Nov 2023 US $ 29