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Caring for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) is challenging and affects family life. ASDs are neurological complex conditions impairing social interaction and communication, such as difficulties to respond to social interactions or deficits in understanding nonverbal communication. Moreover, persons diagnosed with an ASD have restricted behavioural functions, such as stereotype behaviour or inability to adjust to new situations (Strock 2007). Children with ASD struggle with communication, social skills and sensory and auditory processing.

At Elsha’s Voice:

  • We strive to teach them skills and tools to help them cope in society.
  • We teach life skill orientation and offer support in making challenging everyday life skills easier.
  • We use Makaton as a form of communication as many of our children are preverbal and find it frustrating to not be understood.
  • The school opened this year in Heidelberg and has already 12 children enrolled. The fees are kept as low as possibly so that families with autistic children can afford it. 


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