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Goodmorning and blessing to all...

I'm blessed with 2 beautiful children, a Adhd son and a ambitious girl. For a while life has been copeable,my husband had been working hard to keep our home afloat and I have  been unemployed for a year after having a very bad setback with 4 loves one's dying in one year...I couldn't deal. In hubby trying to be strong for me and his family we got very badly into an financial situation. Unfortunately our water and electricity is so badly behind with payment that it's sure to go off any time now, and we ow my daughter school fees about 15k for this year. Theough arranembts we cant evens catch up...We bearly mad it to eat as we had some fasting days inbetween to make some eggs or basics go further. 
Thank God I've just started working a few weeks ago...but its not enough to pay the bill intime so we don't sit with no water or electricity...or worse my daughter can't start high school next year '24 because we didn't manage to pay her school fees. 
If there is anyone willing to help...I'd be more then happy to give you the documents to help pay directly to the 3 serious and stressful situation we in. No one is will to help us with a loan as we have applied and I've just started working. 3 months payslip won't be in time to get cash to pay all this stress off. Even if it's just for food and transport to work and back for a while I'd appreciate it. 

So I'm trying to help my family as best as what I can...I hope that one day I can do the same for the next family should God bless me. 

Thank you to whomever was just willing to read my please for another day.
My story is much much more complicated but I've tried to keep it as simple and real as possible. I hope you find some kindness in you heart...

God's riches blessing...thank you
Kind regards 

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