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Good man let down Campaign

My name is Emile Ooshuizen.

I'm a good person and consider others before myself. I have a passion for being helpful. I'm reliable and received rewards at Helderberg village. Employee of the year and Employee of the quarter concurrently. I also achieved 100 percent attendance record 1 year of my employment at the company. I was a Technician that assisted elderly in the village with their tech problems. Their safety was also a responsibility as I was involved in maintaining and repairing intruder and panic alarm systems. This was covid years and even though I lost my sister during that time I still worked hard. Before I started work at the village, I was unemployed and had to start from scratch.

I appreciated the opportunity and loved working there. After being there about 3 years I was in a position that I could start my own company doing the same but also for the elderly outside the village. 

Main focus on tech support but also a taxi service. The villagers know me and as a business plan it works because when I'm not assisting folks, I'm driving taxi.

A car is required, and I stepped into an online trap. There are 2 online auctioneers with similar names. When I researched it, I was at the wrong company, but my reference was at the legitimate website. I acted on good advice yet dealt with criminals then all my startup capital got stolen. 

Immediately I made the case at my local SAPS. Only a month later after I complained did I have a consultation but only to handle the complaint. Currently the complaints escalated as high up as I can. The investigator sighted a lack of resources as the reason for only attending to my case a month later. How is that my fault? Chance exists I'm going to be destitute, but the criminals are walking around freely how is this fair from a taxpayer point of view? I feel that if they acted sooner that the current situation would have been different.

I have been let down on multiple levels however I won't give up and this has brought me here. In this time, I have done what I can to startup my online store as the only resources available to me are my computer and internet connection. I taught myself how to create digital art so it can be utilized in my online store. I have setup social accounts but the following not yet enough to put food on the table.

This campaign is for me personally and for my business in which I still believe and will make a success. I can only repay the kindness of strangers by presenting them with a unique digital art piece I made. Either way I'm not a person that forgets kindness because if you think about it its very rare and should be propagated.

Any donations are welcome.
Visit my online store, The smallest contribution helps.

Thanx for reading


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R 70 000.00

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