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Memorial service of Akim Mazivire Campaign

My name is Emmanuel Mazivire. I am raising funds for the memorial service of my son Akim Mazivire. Akim died on the 10th of September after a very short illness. He died at Tembisa Hospital. He was buried on the 17th of September in Gutu, Zimbabwe. So am planning to do a memorial service for my son on the 16th of December in Zimbabwe. 

So far i don't even know how to explain what happened to my son. I was playing with him in the morning outside. And he started losing power until he was powerless. we called the ambulance and ambulance came. they put him on drip and oxygen and we went to the hospital. when we arrived at the hospital he was now fine because of the drip. We arrived at around 2 pm at the hospital till 5 pm he was not served. the drip from the ambulance was now on the floor. they didn't put him on drip at the hospital they live him with the empty one from the ambulance. they only put him on oxygen but the oxygen was off. At first my son was trying to remove that oxygen but the nurses where telling us to put it back. We didn't know that the oxygen machine was off and it was suffocating my child until the child fainted. they started helping him at that time but it was too late. They tried to wake him up for almost an hour but he was gone.

My main aim now is just to give him a memorial service. All the money raised on this campaign, weather we reach the target or not, it will be used to buy flowers, food and drinks on the memorial day. They memorial service will be held in Gutu, Zimbabwe.

Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

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