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Brining a Dream to Life Campaign

In the fantastical kingdom of not so far way, where love blooms like wildflowers and hearts beat like enchanted drums, two hearts beat as one.

Our love story, whispered by fireflies and echoed by mountains, was destined for a grand celebration. But alas, a mischievous gremlin named Economic Recession, envious of our joyous union, cast a spell of misfortune, dimming the light of our impending nuptials.

We hope news of our quest spreads far and wide, reaching even the ears of you, kind reader, in your distant corner of the world. Inspired by our story, by the power of love to overcome adversity, and by the spirit of community that illuminates our path, perhaps you too might consider joining the quest to make our happily ever after a reality.

Remember, even the smallest contribution, like a whispered wish or a sprinkle of stardust, can make a world of difference. Please show us that the greatest magic lies not in spells or potions, but in the boundless power of love and community.

With your help, our wedding won't just be a celebration, it will be an enchantment, a testament to the happily ever after that awaits when hearts beat as one.

So, dear reader, what will your contribution be? A sprinkle of pixie dust? A dragon's fiery tear? Or perhaps, the most precious gift of all, a piece of your own kind heart?

Please help us make our dream day a reality, one generous act at a time!


Fundraising target

R 68 000.00

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