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The e'Pap Foundation NPC

The e'Pap vision is to participate in building the micro nutrient status of people in Africa. By employing well known science and paying attention to how the body functions, we make available nutrient dense foods.

Our objective is to focus 100million people in Africa on their nutrient status so that we ensure a well-managed future on our continent that faces a projected population growth to 2 billion in the coming two decades. With an empowered and replete nutrient status, people are better able to participate in finding solutions to life challenges. It starts with pregnant mothers and carries through the life cycle to old age. Our method is to innovate, produce and distribute affordable, nutrient dense food solutions.


Donations to date

R 194 805.87

Fundraising target

R 221 000.00

Funds raised offline

R 52 000.00

Donor Messages

Love! From America
Keep up the amazing work ePap.
Keep up the amazing work ePap.
Emma SP
Thanks for all the work you’re doing! Good nutrition is so important, and all children deserve a full belly.
Keep up the amazing work ePap.
Heidi Isdale

Keep up the good work!

Wonderful feeding scheme run by wonderful people
Beautiful cause
Philip Zylstra
Well done

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05 Jun 2020 USD $ 369
04 Jun 2020 USD $ 7
04 Jun 2020 R 105
04 Jun 2020 R 525
03 Jun 2020 R 315