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If you find this page, welcome to our early adopters pre launch!

Ele Collection is on a mission to remove all plastic from Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. We are Simon, Ben and Rainer. 
We will do this by building a pilot plastic processing plant using a unique technology. When we succeed in Victoria Falls, this idea will scale, removing plastic form the Okavanga Delta through out the KAZA region. 
We have found a solution that will process all types of plastic, create work for Victoria Falls community members - and which will build into a sustainable business to ensure that removing all plastic is ongoing. It is even likely to be profitable. The more profitable, the more conservation regions we can reach to clear plastic.
Our barrier? A USD $1,3 Million start up hurdle - and a two year delay before the business will show a return. Our first step is to purchase a processing machine for $400,000. It is an intimidating hurdle for a solution that is vital, necessary. We have some investors interested, if we can acheive a plastic credit rating, which will cost $50,000 to apply for. 
If you are like us, we want to start clearing that plastic, now! If you would consider supporting us on any small level - every contribution will count - we can be jump startedon this journey. Our target might seem high, until we think of all the people who care about this - Zimbabweans for whom Vic Falls is part of our heritage, visitors who have shared in the wonder of the 'Mosi-oa-Tunya'  All who understand the vital role of biodiversity and protecting these regions of wild for humanity - and particularily the role of the animal that began this journey for us: The Keystone species, the African Elephant.
Our story has a harrowing beginning, when Simon and Ben's dad were attecked by a Bull Elephant, and only narrowly escaped with their lives.
Such attacks are unusual but seem to have been happening with more frequency, so this incident started us questioning what could have happened, and why?
A week later, a person was killed in a similar bull elephant attack, and in an autopsy on the elephant, it was discovered that his intestines were blocked by the plastic he had eaten. He was in agony.
We don't know for sure if this was the same elephant, but we believe so. 
Our initial questions lead to deeper and deeper dismay on our part: All the waste in Victoria Falls is brought to an open dump and the wild animals from the conservation areas eat from it freely. Globally there is a concern surfacing about Plastosis (and Plastcosis) - the harmful effects of animals ingesting plastic.
There are several current efforts to try prevent the elephants exploring the dump, our community is doing what all it can. We are looking to take a different approach: we want to remove all plastic.
Victoria Falls hosts over a million tourists a year. The level of plastic that services them is ongoing and substantial. The tourism is vital to the livelihood of the Victoria Falls region. As one of the seven natural wonders of the world, Zimbabweans are proud to share this incredible beauty.
We have started Ele Collection: We will set up a processing plant that recycles plastics, and ultimately utilises a special technology that turns ALL plastic into building aggregate that can be used in buildings, roads and construction.
A study has shown that this technology processes the plastic WITHOUT producing microplastics... When we say all plastic, we needed to find a solution that meant ALL plastic.

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Thank you very much for getting this going.
Well done to the Ele fund team. You have our full support!
Keep it up guys!!
Thank you.
Acorns to oak trees… good luck !
Many blessings for this journey Brave Ones. Thank you so much.
Jill Ritchie
Brilliant campaign. THANK YOU

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