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Credit Card in debt Campaign

This is for our boy Tiaan... we didn't want to come to back a buddy for help, but like any other parent we had to make a plan and want the best for our boy...

Our boy Tiaan was born 21 December 2021, healthy... he got a fit/stroke on 3weeks and started to get very sick, so we all know our state hospital not always give the right medical help, so we had to fight for our boy and eventually they referred him to Redcross Childrens Hospital, he got there in a very bad shape and they started test and treatment immediately, he had alot of problems that even Redcross didn't understand.. so our 6month journey started in that time we max our credit card for every travel to Redcross Childrens Hospital everything we needed so after 6months they discharge our boy on expensive meds, we had alot of expanses that we needed to cover with our credit card, our boy needed hard-core physio for his lower spine, legs and feet, he needed a good dietician for his weight because he have digestive problems and the hair on his small intestine is flatten so his body don't take in nutrition and vitamins, and like any other state patient we must wait and sometimes we feel neglected, so we thought if we can pay of our Credit Card we can take him for private treatment he needs to thrive, the money we use to pay off the credit card we can use for our boy. We hope we can make our target as ASAP....


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R 25 000.00

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