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Erin Barrett Football Dreams Campaign

Fuelling my passion for football as a female athlete has been a journey of empowerment, breaking barriers, and embracing the thrill of the game. As I navigate the field with determination, I've come to appreciate the unique perspective and resilience that being a female athlete brings.

Football has become more than just a sport for me—it's a source of inspiration, self-discovery, and an avenue to challenge stereotypes. In pursuing excellence on the field, I've encountered hurdles that only fuel my desire to push boundaries and shatter preconceived notions about women in sports.

Now, I stand at a crucial juncture in my athletic journey. A 3-day training camp presents an incredible opportunity for me to enhance my skills, learn from experienced coaches, and immerse myself in an environment that fosters growth. This is not just a chance to refine my technique; it's a stepping stone towards realising my full potential as a footballer.

However, as with many pursuits, the path to excellence often requires financial support. I am reaching out to you, not just as an individual, but as part of a community that believes in the power of sports to transform lives. Your contribution will directly impact my ability to attend this training camp, opening doors to new experiences and pushing me further towards my goals.

Join me in this exciting journey by supporting my fundraiser. Together, we can challenge norms, inspire future generations, and celebrate the strength, skill, and passion that knows no gender.


Fundraising target

R 6 500.00

Donations to date

R 2 850.00

Donor Messages

You go girl!
MAKE your dreams come true!
God bless you Erin ❤️

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