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Hello Everybody,

My name is Loona. I am a 2-year-old Fox Terrier, and I'd like to share my story.

On Tuesday, the 19th of September, my Daddy, Eugene Maddock, was taking me for my afternoon walkies. As we walked down the same road we do every day, a man was about to pull into his driveway. His wife pushed the gates wide open and let their aggressive dogs out! My Daddy tried to take me a safe distance away, but it was too late. The naughty dogs saw me and ran straight towards me, attacking! I was so scared and could not fight back, as my Daddy raised me to be a friend and not a fighter. I eventually broke free from my lead. In shock and fear, I ran away from my Daddy. The people did not seem to care too much and did not even stop their dogs, even as they ran after me!

I ran so fast and so far that I ended up on the M5 Highway, where I was hit by a car. Thank goodness for all the nice people that stopped to see if I was injured... Unfortunately, I was quite bad. A very nice gentleman took me to Peninsula Veterinary Hospital. They took X-rays and found that my left rear leg's socket joint had been smashed and that they would have to perform a major surgery procedure if I were to use it again. (Being a young Fox Terrier, I love to run around in my garden and go for walkies with my Daddy.)

My Daddy, who loves me so much, was smart enough to have me chipped as a pup, and the vet was able to call him immediately to let him know that I had been picked up and in what condition I was. My Daddy came immediately. As I lay there sedated, I could hear my Daddy and my family make the important decision to do the surgery and help save my leg.

As this procedure was very expensive and the naughty, aggressive dog owners are clearly in no financial position to pay for it, it has fallen upon my Daddy to pay the bill. As he has been unemployed for some time, I feel he might need a little help from some friends and strangers. The funds raised will be used to pay for the surgery and veterinary costs.

My plea is if you can please show the love to my Daddy that he shows for me.


P.S. My Daddy said the surgery alone was around R12000, but my Daddy is too modest to ask for more, which will go towards much-needed rehab, physiotherapy, and special foods to keep me strong and healthy. While he was not looking, I changed the figure to ease my Daddy's suffering.

Donor Messages

Get better soon Luna
I wish I could do more for my friend Loona
I hope you reach your target quickly buddy!
You're such a brave girl Loona. Strength to you and to you daddy. Get nice and strong and feel better soon pretty girl ❤️
You don’t know me, but we’re going through a similar struggle. I hope your bud keeps fighting x

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