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Please support Britney Brown, a 27 year old law student who has been diagnosed with Eales disease, a rare idiopathic (arises spontaneously or for which the cause is unknown) eye disease.

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Donor Messages

All the best
Good luck
Good luck
Yasmin Desai-Chilwan
We continuously pray for your complete recovery and healing In sha'Allah
Brian Oaten
The world is full of possibilities for you, and may all your wishes and dreams come true Inshallah
Good luck everyone x
Get well Britney
Good luck Britney
Ferose Oaten
May God accept our prayers for Britney's full recovery. Inshallah

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15 Nov 2018 R 50
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04 Sep 2018 R 50
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30 Jun 2018 R 100
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16 Apr 2018 USD 21