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Raising money for a family in need Campaign

My name is Faeka Abrahams I am 28 years old. I am raising funds for Faranaaz Abrahams a lived one to me. She is in dire need of a place to stay but she is not by the means. The money I will be making is to buy a new Wendy house so she can put it on a property where she got a place to stay. She have 3 Young children in her care aswell as her son and sister. Where she is currently staying there is no water, toilet or a proper facilities to make ends meet.

I would really appreciate it if you guys can help me reach my target so that I can help this family get a proper roof over there heads with clean running water and ablution ficilities. 

The person I'm raising funds for is a widow now for 6 years and she has never worked in her life as her husband was the bread winner in the house. The family has been struggling since his passing going from place to place so I just want to get them a place where they don't have to go around anymore looking for shelter. 

If I get to raise the funds the young children will be able to enjoy there lives like children should and not be worried about where they going to get water to bathe as they will have access to all of that. They can enjoy themselves and be children for once in there lives. 

So the broader community out there I plead to you to help me reach my goad to make this families dreams clme true. 


Fundraising target

R 800 015 000.00

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R 0.00

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