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Faith foundation

We are a nonprofit organization taking on the social responsibility to help provide relief to the humanitarian problems the less fortunate population faces daily. We have decided to contribute efforts to bring forth change in the world actively.

 We aim to impact various communities both locally and globally through our foundations core values of female empowerment and improved social equality.

 With the power of education, we aim to inspire hope, independence, and personal development within the women and children lives we touch. Our goal is to help decrease the alarming statistics of girls missing out on school due to lack of access to menstrual hygiene products. 

We strive to achieve our goals by implementing pad drives and educating girls on the intricacies surrounding menstruation. We take a holistic approach to elicit change in mindset regarding menstruation to ultimately cultivate a more productive and optimistic view for society and women in general.

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Nthabiseng Seopela
Free A Girl Period
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You’re doing great.
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Great job!
Free my girl period