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Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels (NPO number 175 638) was founded in February 2014 by a few devoted people, already active within the animal rescue and rehabilitation circuits.

The ‘FALLEN’ in Fallen Angels stands for Forgotten, Abandoned (Abused), Lost, Lonely, Emaciated and Neglected. Any child or animal that falls under these categories is considered a ‘Fallen Angel’ and thus falls within the area of importance for this organization. Their current slogan is “From Torn to Reborn”.

The organization focuses on not only the rescuing and fostering of animals, but also using them to help rehabilitate and offer therapy to children. They have created a haven – rehabilitating and fostering animals there. Their funding is entirely donation and sponsorship-based. The organization works within the Western Cape area.

They are currently based in Melkbosstrand but extend their help to wherever it may be needed within the surrounding areas.

They often work in partnership and collaboration with various other societies and NGO’s also existing in the surrounding areas such as: DAISY, Dancers Love Dogs, SA MASS, Tin Can Town, Mitchells Plein Animal Welfare, PETS, LEAPS Animal Protection Services and Pawfriends, just to name a few.

Once the animals are rehabilitated they are put up for adoption at Adoption Days.

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A initiative inspired by a friend, together we are strong!
Shave it
Awesome initiative for man's best friends
Sonia Mockett
I love someone else's comment - for the love of dog - please shave it! lol! good cause Mike! xo
Go Mike
Shave it FFS.
I like dogs more than your beard, sorry bud.
Sandra Gerber
I like that combination!
Wendy Claussen
Great cause and what about the hair on your head??!!

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