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Farren Grace Medical Cause

Farren started grade 1 this year at Chelsea Prep in Durban, and she loves being at the beach and outdoors, adventuring, running, playing, swimming, and watching sunrises with her dad Elrigh Grace and her mum Katie Pillinger, Athlone, KwaZulu-Natal.

One month before her 7th birthday Farren's family and many friends received the most devastating news that Farren has been diagnosed with Leukemia, a type of cancer that is attacking her white blood cells where they form in her bone marrow.

These abnormal white blood cells are traveling in her blood crowding out the healthy cells and raising her little body's chances of infection and other problems.

Funds raised through this platform will go towards her medical and home care on her journey to full restoration, as well as towards her educational and emotional needs until she can return to normal school and life.  

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Donor Messages

Bless you for speedy recovery. My prayers are with you. A small support from a local Westville Resident.
You’ve got this Farren!! Praying for you!


The CJ’s
Lots of love xx
Dave Harker

Farren we're routing for you

Good luck!
Get better soon
Someone that cares
You stay strong girl. God loves you .
Good luck, Young Lady!

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Ajuree donated R 200 via Help Farren Beat Cancer
30 Nov 2021 R 200
Taryn donated USD $ 12 via Help Farren Beat Cancer
29 Nov 2021 USD $ 12
Anonymous donated USD $ 66 via Help Farren Beat Cancer
29 Nov 2021 USD $ 66
Someone that cares donated R 2 000 via Help Farren Beat Cancer
28 Nov 2021 R 2 000
Anonymous donated USD $ 61 via Help Farren Beat Cancer
27 Nov 2021 USD $ 61