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Strength Beyond Leukemia Campaign

As salaamu alaikom /Hello everyone, 
my name is Fatima Daniels.
I was diagnosed, in September of 2022, with stage 4 cancer, (ALL) a type of leukemia. 
My life took an unexpected turn.  
Casting a shadow, a formidable opponent that required courage and resilience.
Amid the battle, a stroke struck, adding complexity to an already demanding journey. Each day became a testament of strength, navigating the dual challenges of illness and recovery. 
Yet, within this adversity, I discovered an unyielding spirit. 
The hospital room, once a place of vulnerability, transformed into trials. 
These trials have not defined me; instead, they have become chapters in my story of survival, determination, and the unbeatable will to embrace life despite its unpredictable twists.
I am hopeful that I'll make a full recovery with physical and occupational therapy, In shaa Allah/God willing. 
But I cannot do it without your generosity and support.


Fundraising target

R 80 000.00

Donations to date

R 1 307.45

Donor Messages

May the Lord bless you, may your spirits remain high, may you trust that you will survive and prosper, 8n Jesus name. Cancer is a beast, but our God is bigger than our problems and will heal us and restore us!
Assalamu Alaikum Fatima, I hope this message finds you in the best of health and imaan. I just wanted to take a moment to send you my sincerest salaam and well wishes.
May the Almighty grant Shiefaa and Kameela Ameen 🤲

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Anonymous donated US $ 40 via Strength Beyond Leukemia
03 Feb 2024 US $ 40
Alwahab donated US $ 11 via Strength Beyond Leukemia
03 Feb 2024 US $ 11
Anonymous donated R 200 via Strength Beyond Leukemia
31 Jan 2024 R 200