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Hello there,

My name is Fay, and I am reaching out to share my story with you. At 42 years old, I am a mother of three beautiful children and have been living with epilepsy. Recently, I experienced a severe seizure that resulted in a traumatic injury to my head and spine. When I regained consciousness, I found myself unable to move my legs, and my hands were locked in painful spasms, rendering me almost immobile.

I was promptly taken to a government hospital, where an X-ray revealed a spinal injury. Subsequently, I underwent a CT scan, but the results have been pending for the past four months. Despite this prolonged wait, I have managed to regain some mobility in my arms, although my left hand remains significantly impaired. I am now able to walk with assistance, but every step is accompanied by excruciating pain in my legs, hands, and back. 

My life has become a constant battle against spasms and cramps, all attributed to nerve issues. This challenging journey has not only affected my physical abilities but also put a strain on my emotional and financial well-being. I am reaching out to seek your support and kindness through this crowdfunding campaign. Your contribution will help me access the necessary medical treatments, therapies, and support systems that are vital for my recovery and overall well-being.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Your generosity and compassion can make a significant difference in my life and the lives of my children. Together, we can bring back hope, healing, and happiness into our lives.

With gratitude,

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Thinking of you... sending positive vibes towards getting strong and healthy again :)
Valerie Wiehe-Jordaan
Love you xx
Penny Osmond
June Jordaan

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Ang donated R 7 000 via FAY NEEDS A CT SCAN
06 Nov 2023 R 7 000
Anonymous donated US $ 29 via FAY NEEDS A CT SCAN
03 Nov 2023 US $ 29
Valerie Wiehe-Jordaan donated US $ 59 via FAY NEEDS A CT SCAN
03 Nov 2023 US $ 59
Anonymous donated US $ 350 via FAY NEEDS A CT SCAN
02 Nov 2023 US $ 350
Penny Osmond donated US $ 54 via FAY NEEDS A CT SCAN
02 Nov 2023 US $ 54