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Faded Black Innovations

Faded Black Innovations is a consulting NPO that specializes in turning traditional non-profit organisations to be social enterprises, by expanding their capacity to achieve greater effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and most importantly community impact, we do this through social entrepreneurship workshops and accelerator programme, that are unique to each community.

Our vision is of a society which combines economic activity with community benefit, a society led by dynamic social entrepreneurs. Mission is to give social entrepreneurs, business and leadership tools they need to create sustainable livelihoods.

The time has come for the non-profit sector to be innovative and come up with value propositions that will speak to the CSI strategy ease the pains of the corporates and meet their needs. If this problem is not addressed adequately it will create a huge damage in the communities and the sector as a whole, because they will no longer receive donations and funding as they used to and this will spark a raise in Social ills within the communities. If we are able to be assisted to capacitated these organisations it will prevent job losses, poverty and donor reliance. This will bring a lot of opportunities where we will have collaborations and self-reliant organisation that will make profits for community good.


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