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Kyra has been nominated to be included in the MP Global Teens Leadership Programme of their School for 2024.MP Global Teens Korea is a unique initiative to enhance youth leadership and solicit your kind support and sponsorship. Following an extremely successful pioneering tour in June 2014,the school has now embarked on a concerted drive to change the face of the school, our community and even our country with the launched MP Global Teens program.
The program has a five-pronged, viz.:
To develop youth leadership that may assist the South African youth in gaining a grip on our diversity.
To enhance global citizenship.
Exposed them to a rigorous leadership training program.
Want her to return to South Africa with a story to tell concerning self-help and community outreach programs, academic programs, the world of business, tourism, engineering and technology.
To create happy and contend young people that are self-motivated and living with an enormous zest for life.

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R 50 000.00

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R 2 379.13

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