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Langeberg Cat Action Trust

Here in the Langeberg, in the Western Cape Winelands, we have a sad situation. Little feral kittens suffer desperately and their survival rate is low. They succumb to starvation, untreated illnesses or road traffic accidents. So do adult ferals. At the Feral Cat Fund we initiate feeding programmes and attempt to educate people about the good sense and humanity of a healthy, non-breeding feral colony.

Many people think that the solution is to kill these cats. We educate those people to understand that by doing so, they would create a vacuum which other ferals will move into; other ferals which are being kept out of the areas by the existing colony.

We should be aware that feral cats are exactly the same as domestic cats, except for one important difference; they fear us.

This is where TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) comes in. The Feral Cat Fund habituates feral cats to eat in a particular area. We trap them humanely, sterilise, inoculate and deworm them. One of their ears will be notched so we don’t catch the same cat twice (we should be so lucky!). Once they’ve recovered from anaesthetic, they are returned to their habitat.

At present we’re trapping at the Robertson Showgrounds and, once we’ve helped their cats, will move on to other colonies in Robertson and, when we have more resources, nearby Montagu and Bonnievale, Ashton and especially, McGregor.

At present, we are unable to treat cats which are FIV and FeLV+ as trapping more than once is nearly impossible; these cats are sneaky!

Unfortunately, these initiatives need to be paid for, and we’ve exhausted our own funds. This is why we’re turning to you, the community at large, for help. No amount is too small; it all helps. Be assured that any donations will be used only for the cats – sterilising, inoculating, deworming, feeding (we’re approached various pet food companies for assistance with food, but we will continue to fund this ourselves in the meantime). No part of your donations will be paid to volunteers.


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