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I was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 2 in 2021, I had 16 rounds of chemo, surgery and 31 rounds of radiation. It was a very draining year physically and financially.

Unfortunately, this year, 2023 I was re-diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer on the spine, they also found 2 fractures on my spine so I had an emergency surgery to avoid permanent paralysis & I now have screws in my back and recovery is taking longer than expected since my bones are weak which means I can’t sit up for long hours or walk for more than 10 mins. 

I have gone to government hospitals for help and they  told me they can’t help me since I’m on stage 4 so I had to go the private health route & it’s very expensive especially since I’m unemployed and cannot exactly work since I’m physically unfit. The chemo I was on from beginning of the year 2023 (Kryxana) didn’t work at all and it was very expensive (over 25k per month) and I have very limited funds on medical aid. I’m now on new Chemo.
I’m currently in need of physio as I’m not fully mobile yet. I’m unemployed & fully dependent on friends and family for essentials, transportation to my treatment, supplements and so on. I have medical bills piling up & I’m missing important checkups since I can’t afford it, my spine needs regular checkups since it’s still weak from the surgery and the cancer.
I get admitted quite often because I get sick from the chemo and that means a lot of scans need to be done and medical aid only pays a limited  amount for those, my lungs are affected as well as my heart so I'm need of oxygen assistance now and again. 
I have been sharing parts of my breast cancer journey on instagram (@thefit_cancerwarrior) to share awareness and also to get some support.
Getting these funds would really mean a lot to me because then I’ll be able to cover a lot of medical expenses, essentials, daily supplements and more.
Thank you in advance. 

Donor Messages

God is with you, he will never leave you. Never stop believing in him. With Love
Do get well my Darling 🙏🏾❤️
Keep fighting, prayers up!
Vanessa Mokwena
U have fought breast Cancer....u will win this one too n you have our support baby gal ❣️
I pray for great mercy, sure mercy and surrounding mercy in Jesus name.
Melissa Mhluzi
Isaiah 38:16-17
May the Almighty God give you strength to fight this battle and protect you. We love you sisi and will keep you in our prayers.

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