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Forgotten Freedom Fighters Fund

The Forgotten Freedom Fighters Fund aims to support 12 former Robben Island prisoners with access to medical care, trauma counselling, food, transport to the group meetings as well as hospital or other medical appointments.

Donor Messages

Dr Lynn Holford

Very supportive of this worthwhile initiative

Glad I could help
Thank you for your unselfish commitment to justice.

It is embarrassing that those who sacrificed so much in the fight for freedom cannot afford the basic comforts of life. Their humility, to this day, is profound and an example to all. Their selfless actions deserve much more. Come South Africa ………


Thank you for your courage

Thank you for your incredible sacrifice
Robert Edgar
We salute your commitment to the struggle
Thank you for your sacrifice
L. van Zyl
I hope that many more will contribute to this cause. May God bless you.