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My daughter really loves South Africa. She is 23 years of age, completer her BSc in Architecture at UP, and decided to take a gap year abroad to see what the world is doing differently from our country to ensure sustainable cities and spaces. She's been living and woking in Long Island since January 2023.

Her experience of the US has been an enlightening one. She found that there are exceptional opportunities for futher learning, and a safe environment where she has quickly found strong aliances and a good support networks - local and quite a lit of SA citizens.

During the last 6 minths she has indicated a need to study for her masters in New York at the NY School of Interior Desigh.  She worked dilugently on an exceptional portfolio which was submitted on 5 January 2024. She got accepted into the New York SID last week. She is over the moon. She is a self starter, hard worker, dedicated to finish  what she starts, performance driven, and open minded to take on new challenges.

Our next challenge is to find the R70 000+ dollars that will cover all her cost for a year. My husband and I, and family members and close friends, should be able to raise at least the first 30 000 (about R500 000) That leaves us with a dedicit of abour R800 000). We really need your help. Study alone will cost in the region of 42 000 dollars. Thereafter we need to look into accommodation and daily stipend. She will also be looking into any kind of internship or fellowship to raise additional funds.

Crumbling infrastructurse and poor maintanence of everytjmhing that determine quality of life in South africa, is unfortunately a sad reality. She is determined to find sustainable solutions in the sphere of architecture, interior architecture and integration of AI tecnologies to bridge the gap between somehing on the verge of breakin, and identifyung the issue timeously in order to meet the challenge in a proactive manner.

What is currently happening in SA institurions  and the types of 'professinals' and technical skills 'gurus' we are churning out at the graduate level, are not sufficiently addreasing the dire infrastucture needs of our quickly backwards sliding country.

South Africa has too much to offer the world to let it go to waste! Please give her a chance to study abroad and bring her skills set back to our beautiful country to do her part in creating solutions in green design and sustainable spaces.


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