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Dear Friends
It is with a sore heart that drive me to ask for money. But I am on my knees and I don't know what to do. I know some of you will throw stones. But here is my story. My husband died about a year ago. The place where we currently staying is being sold, the old owner did say we can stay without rent because I did not have a work and no income because my husband was the sole bread winner, so for 3mnths I ask all the farmers for a place they al said no. I must move out today .All the people that do have place to rent is to much . We cant afford it.I have my sister that is autistic and my brother and son, the four of us desperately need any help . I don't now what to do. I prayed and prayed and God still did not answer. I can only give you my sons number because I lost my cell phone . So please if you can help, we would dearly appreciate it. Ciska 0729763352. Thank you have a blessed day. Thank you for just reading it too, you will be blessed for that 1min of thinking for us.

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