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We are raising funds to scientifically investigate the potential to develop Artemisia into effective treatment of COVID 19. This project is an opportunity to become part of a potential solution and join the fight against COVID 19. Our main objective is to validate the effectiveness of Artemisia as a possible treatment of COVID 19. Positive results can possibly impact all who suffer from this pandemic. Funds will be used to conduct chemical and pharmaceutical analysis, testing of various formulations against COVID 19 (in vitro). Production of Artemisia in a controlled environment will also be performed.

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Donor Messages

Gisela Brunn-Schulte-Wissing
I hope, that you will have success good luck, kind regards
Save us all! Hurry
Rick Sheridan
With the researcher having registered their awareness (even acrimoniously), am lifting my below cancel-call. In fact we want his work to succeed, but with efficient use of the donating public's funds.
Rick Sheridan
Rick Sheridan
Here as EMSKE Phytochem in Kenya, we feel this effort should not see funding until Prof. van der Kooy can speak to the guidance that _cost-less_ in silico studies have to reduce cost of his assays.
Allmän Bro
Keep rockin'
Sunny Naik
Thanks for keeping clinical trials open and transparent. Good luck!
Very happy to support African research for Africans
Dr. Markus Heinemann
Good Idea