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Smit Family recovery fund Campaign

Our family (Father, wife and young son) has been under financial strain ever since the Covid pandemic, in which time I (the father) lost my permanent employment.

Needless to say, as with many others out there, we have fallen under financial strain.
The situation has been causing emotional, psychological and challenging conditions within our family and marriage. 
We are strong people with a will to be successful, but in light past and current conditions, it is time to be humble and ask for assistance. 
Myself and my wife have spent our whole lives working hard and trying to build a future for our son, but find ourselves hard pressed under our current circumstances.

Factors that have and are contributing to our inability to move forward:
I am n 55 year old white male that makes finding meaningful employment difficult.
I also have a immune deficiency condition that - although not impacting my ability to work daily and performing - makes finding meaningful employment difficult and problematic.
I am currently doing temporary and/or short term work where it can be found, this however is proving to become more and more difficult due to one of our main issues I will explain below.

What we currently require desperately is financial stability and security, which brings me to our main challenge.
Apart from the obvious like rental arrears and unpaid debts our biggest concern and problem is reliable transport.
Virtually every job available today, requires reliable transport to and from work.
The vehicle we currently own is old, behind on licencing, not good condition and not road worthy.

With reliable transport the odds of being able to do something about our own situation dramatically improves.
I have retail management experience, building and renovation experience as well as admin, planning and good computer literacy - apart from having a handyman/repair business called Homedynamix in earlier years.
We feel strongly that transport can make a huge difference in our efforts to get us out of this situation.

Any funds that are raised will be directly channeled towards this goal, in a sensible and practical manner.
Our focus would be income generation, apart from normal daily transport - like transport for others, moving items for compensation, performing handyman works or even starting up a small business again.
Something that can be used in a practical business environment and perform additional money generating tasks even if I should find employment.

We thank in advance all persons that would look kindly on our request, and would very great-full for assistance, advice and support of any kind.

Kind regards

Frederik Hendrik Smit


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R 75 000.00

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