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My name is Owen Lonzar, I have been a choreographer in South Africa for the past 30 years and I worked with many incredible artists. They have given so much of themselves and now need your help to survive. I am looking to send each person in need a grocery voucher to shop for essentials to keep them and their families going for a couple of weeks at least.

To contribute to this cause, please click on the link below...

Donor Messages

In support of my theatre family.
Tim Wells
in a slightly lean time at the minute myself so giving what I can
Thanks for creating beauty and joy in my life.
Barbara Wolf
Waiting to applaud you all again!

The arts has always been there for humankind when they needed it most, just showing some love back.

Sarita Shepherd

May the show again soon go on and never again be unable to go on!

Happy Birthday .

Keeping the love of dance alive

Saskia McFerren
What a wonderful initiative! Theatre is such an important part of our lives!

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08 Jul 2020 USD $ 12
06 Jul 2020 R 1 313
06 Jul 2020 R 368
19 Jun 2020 USD $ 30
18 Jun 2020 R 210