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Currently Gareth is researching and working on the sequel -  Beyond the Secret Elephants. This exciting book will not only update the story of the Knysna elephants, but will for the very first time, reveal extraordinary information about other mysterious beings that Gareth discovered are also inhabiting the Knysna elephants forest and mountain fynbos home...

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Donor Messages

Happy, happy birthday GP. A little donation towards your birthday and to thank you for your incredible efforts and tenacity. Strength!!
Laura Savill
Loved the first book and film and have been following Gareth's work for years. Happy to contribute.
Sustainable Jungle
We want to see this project happen - go for it Gareth!!
Ann Francis
Good luck!
Karien Eigner
Gareth I wish you all the best with this project!!
So much luck with this project GP! Onward - and strength to your arm!!
Darwin Primate Group
Gareth's work is well worth supporting!