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Goldilocks and The Bear Foundation focuses on raising awareness of ADHD and mental health problems, increasing the knowledge of and providing training to parents, teachers, and health care workers, to provide screening and early identification of children with ADHD and mental health problems at schools and referring them for timely intervention and treatment, and to capture statistics on the prevalence and management of ADHD and mental health problems in South African children.

ADHD affects 1 out of 20 children in South Africa. Although mental health clinics exist in the public sector, children with ADHD often never reach this point of diagnosis and treatment due to a lack of awareness and knowledge in their communities. They are never screened for ADHD, and may be labelled as naughty, or “stupid”, or just silently fall out of the educational system because they are just not coping. With early intervention, Goldilocks and the Bear Foundation aims to assist these children to get the necessary diagnosis and treatment.

With the proper funding, they will be able to beat ADHD and other mental health problems and change the lives of many children for the better, enabling them to play their part in making a positive contribution to society.

Help us to remove mental health barriers to education!

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Well done Renata! Keep up the good work.
Lekker hardloop liewe vriendin. Jy is n ster!
Beverley Moore
Thank you for doing amazing work
Thanks for making a difference to cause close to my heart too! X
David Le Cordeur
Keep up the good work !!!
Doe so voort!
Dr Elaine Strauss
Much needed attack on the stigma, lack of understanding and misinformation of ADHD!
Thank you for the great work you do
Amazing work Renata!

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