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Get up and Go Foundation

What We Do/Offer

The aim of the foundation is to assist housebound people effected by immobility due to disability, injury or illness whether temporary or permanent.

Our aim is to help them with mobility either in the form of a;

  • wheelchair,
  • motorized wheelchair
  • And/or access to a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Assisting people by making then mobile, will hopefully give them Gobility to be able to actively participate in life, whether participating at a family function or going to a work-related activity.  This will undoubtedly improve the standard of living and quality of life of this person and their family.


Donations to date

R 13 046.48

Fundraising target

R 1 205 000.00

Funds raised offline

R 2 500.00

Donor Messages

Good job Andrew!
Torrin Theron
Good luck!????
All the best with the run and great cause
God speed guys
Best of Luck!

Open heart, pocket and doors

All the Best
Lets get up and go and makes this project happen

Activity feed

15 Jun 2020 R 315
15 Jun 2020 R 1 050
14 Jun 2020 R 525
14 Jun 2020 USD $ 26
14 Jun 2020 R 1 050