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Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary

Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary was founded in 2009 and was registered as a non-profit in 2017.  Nicola Vernon established the sanctuary on her 40 hectare farm where she and her friend Rohan Millson have built their straw bale homes.  Seeing lambs dying in the fields due to exposure to frost or high temperatures, Nicky started taking in the lambs and restoring them to health.  In 2014 she was asked to take in a pig and was soon besotted with these highly intelligent animals who are amongst the most abused in the world. The need for a sanctuary in the Western Cape of South Africa became very clear and so GFAS was born and the sanctuary is now home to 96 pigs.  Animals are brought to the farm by individual rescuers or by other welfare organisations.  The sanctuary also works closely with NSPCA, Anti Animal Cruelty League and local animal welfares to rescue farm animals from abusive situations wherever possible.  The sanctuary is funded by charitable donations and by the support of over 80 sponsors of individual animals, with the significant monthly shortfall being met by Nicola Vernon.  A succession plan is in place to ensure the longterm survival of the sanctuary.  The four residents on the farm do not take salaries.  Four men and one woman are employed (and paid) to work with the animals during the week.  A far reaching volunteer programme brings young, dedicated people from all over the world. 


Donations to date

R 57 578.45

Fundraising target

R 70 000.00

Funds raised offline

R 36 800.00

Donor Messages

Thank you.
Here you go legend
You were well named, Legend, you are much loved
Maya Wolff
Thank You for all you do????
Thank you.

From Ariel and all at Free Food Joburg

Dylan JB
Good luck.
Prayers for you darling Legend to get well soon! ??