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Give A Limb

Losing a limb is not only traumatic for the individual but also for the entire family, who also have profound emotional impact, are expected to  support the amputee , and also adjust to the possible changes in the family’s financial situation.

We help people who cannot afford prosthesis at no cost to them. Through their new-found independence, amputees regain their ability to walk again, find work and a chance to be independent again. Education is usually the next casualty once a breadwinner has been incapacitated by amputation. 84% of such households are food insecure - and has to choose between food and education of their children.

We wish to assist as many around South Africa as possible. Our best resources are the individuals who take action in their own communities.

Our project Champions come up with quirky ideas like run a marathon,go biking, Iron Man and so on to raise funds for a prosthesis care.


Sorry, no projects have been created yet.