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The Global Challenge - #BangTheDrum

Inspiration & Generosity through Golf

The Global Challenge The Global Challenge is an international professional women’s golf teams event. Teams from the Northern and Southern Hemispheres are selected to challenge one another for the magnificent Ralph Walton Trophy. In the inaugural event held in February 2017, Captain Nora Angehrn (Switzerland) led Team North to victory . Team South headed up by Captain Laurette Maritz (South Africa) look forward to the rematch in November 2018, when they will attempt to bring the trophy home to the Southern Hemisphere. 

The Global Challenge’s #BangTheDrum - Pledge Campaign is the international fundraising initiative for the two teams to raise money for the selected beneficiaries.

All players play for zero prize money and for the sole purpose to raise funds. 


Donor Messages

Uniprop Real Estate
We support you all the way!!...
Julie Jolley
This is good cause
Kerry Maltman
Great cause! Must definitely be supported! Go Team South!
Caspar the 2017 Mascot
This is my pocket money so please make lots of birdies
Malcolm Hughes
Good luck
Andre and Kathy
Best wishes from Canada!
Kaus Kraemer
a long shot from Europe
Erica Lefson
This keeps Womens golf interesting
Kathleen Sanders
Will be seeing u all in Nov.

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