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Good Day Everyone I greet you in the Name of Jesus.
My story won't probably touch alot. But here it goes I was in a car accident a few years back.
I have broken a piece on my fourth bone like a triangle 📐 out. The work did not want to pay at that stage. Instead I went to the state hospital here they have told me they will be honest if I don't get a back operation very fast at a bigger hospital they give me 6 years and I will have the pain of my life and I won't walk with the left leg in a few months after the pain started. Here were I sit the pain gets so bad and my leg and foot is all the muscles get into a spasm so that I use a rubber hammer to get it straight again. At nights I need to crawl to the bathroom of the pain. 
I'm telling you my story because my uncle were puted on a year's waiting lists by the state unfortunately he just couldn't took the pain and crawling he took his own life. I'm not feeling sorry for myself but if someone out there can please help me with donation or anything.
I was Yesterday at state hospital just to ask for my x-rays and the form they told me after 5 hours waiting sorry it's against the policy's I asked to just take a picture they refused and said if I can't wat my turn of that is a year and a half I must go to another hospital. So sorry for the long message but it's coming from my hart. My number 061 646 3245

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